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Download the recording of our webinar to learn how to reduce your carbon footprint through smart packaging design.

During the webinar, we discussed how the Sustainability of a product is increasingly defined at point of design. In fact, 80% of a products carbon footprint is decided by the final design selected for manufacture. Key considerations that led to this are raw material selection, manufacturing process, transportation and end of life amongst others.

During the webinar we explored:

  • The key criteria needed to drive sustainability in packaging design
  • How we design our way out of the oil age and into a sustainable future in a balanced and material neutral way
  • Why it doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive
  • Reducing the environmental impact of packaging through collaboration

Also, hear the answers to our audiences' questions in the Q&A section.


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Your Speaker:
John Garner
John Garner, Head of Packaging Innovation and Design at Antalis

25 years in packaging & logistics. A committed environmentalist with an enquiring mind. Passionately trying to make a difference for customers and consumers to help make informed choices to reduce their impact on the planet.


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